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Maria Magnisali (ΜSc) and Themistoklis Bilis (PhD) are Architects, graduates of the NTUA (National Technical University of Athens) . Their office is operating for the study and supervision of special architectural works since 1993.

"Considering architecture as a creative activity in the course of time, 
we have been oriented in a wide range of projects that connect 

the historic or natural environment and contemporary constructions

at the same time 

projects of large scale like masterplans 

as well as of small scale for interior space

To us,
the crucial starting point of every project
is the thorough analysis of the features of each place,

so as to find the way 

to convert the difficulties into privileges

leading to unique results"

Recognitions in Europe:

1st Prize:

Europa Nostra 2003,

Europa Nostra 2011

(in collaboration)

Europa Nostra 2017

(in collaboration)


European Sustainable Heritage Award 2024

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