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Restoration of ,Greece's national poet, K. Palama's last house in Plaka, Greece.

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Our office had the distinct honor of being assigned the study for the restoration of the house of our national poet, K. Palamas. This building holds special significance as a protected monument, as it was the residence of Palamas during the final years of his life. The architectural study has revealed a key historical aspect: this house, particularly the courtyard, served as the starting point of the poet’s funeral procession, which eventually transformed into a solemn march of resistance against the conqueror in possession..



Through our architectural examination, we sought to address the meaningful interconnection between the courtyard’s inner space and the outer area, including Periandrou Street. We propose a configuration that encapsulates the myth and evokes a profound connection with light constructions and suitable illumination both inside and outside the house. 



Palamas, in his role as a creator, was characterized by his unwavering challenge, eternal innovation, modernist vision, and rejection of one-dimensional narratives. In transforming his house into a unique monument, it is crucial to assert its presence by dismantling the limitations of the existing complex and advocating for a blend of contrasting trends and forms.



Furthermore, our proposal includes the addition of a semi-outdoor structure in the courtyard, which will serve as an aesthetically pleasing setting for a permanent photographic exhibition related to the poet and, notably, his funeral. This semi-open-air space will also act as a transitional entrance to a ground-floor area dedicated to book presentations.

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